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Quality Driven / Cost Conscious / Chemical Supply

It is our aim to help our customers reduce their chemical costs by getting them the comparable chemicals they need from markets they could never reach.

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Domestic Solutions

Some of our very best chemistries are available via our time tested NAFTA partners. This is a great solution if you aim to take advantage of quick and convenient delivery options.

Foreign Solutions

Let us help you access our ever growing supply chain from across the oceans. This is a great solution to help your business reduce costs and produce new value.

Storage Solutions

Let us help you store your chemical supply until needed by your clients. This is a great solution to help your business reduce costs and produce new value.

Global Partnership

Oren Hydrocarbons is regarded as the largest chemical manufacturer for oilfield chemistry in the world. As the official distributor, we bring their experience and technical abilities to you.

Quality Driven | Cost Conscious | Chemical Supply

Our Products

Now our supply chain includes all NAFTA countries, India, UAE and China.  A recent partnership with the world’s largest oilfield chemical manufacturer, Oren Hydrocarbons, is just our next step in bringing ultimate value to you.

  • Biocides and scavengers
  • Commercial chemicals
  • Corrosion and scale inhibitors
  • Fluid loss additives
  • Foamers and defoamers
  • Lost circulation materials
  • Lubricants and ROP enhancers
  • Oil based mud products
  • Shale inhibitors and flocculants
  • Surfactants and spotting fluids
  • Thinners and dispersants
  • Viscosifiers
  • Weighting agents

We focus our efforts on performance to maximize the customer experience.

Our Mission

Mobius Chemical and Mineral Supply Corp first opened its doors in 2013.  A strong drive and competent performance gave us a foothold as a supplier of oilfield chemicals within Canada.

Mobius Our Mission


We are committed to getting our customers the quality they want at the prices they need.


We see our customers as partners – let us both grow our businesses together.


We promise to give you maximum value for every dollar spent.


We will not quit until we have met and exceeded your expectations!

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